April 2006

It is a glorious sunny day, just perfect to give “Wolfie” it’s first repotting.

Bellow: Here I just  took “Wolfie” out off  it’s plastic container.

Below: After collecting it, smart Wolfgang Putz has planted this little Mugo on a piece of Styrofoam, so that the new roots would grow outward. This clever trick by him, now allows me to plant “Wolfie” into a shallow pot! Just look how many new roots it has made!

November 2000. Finding “BIG RON”. Below: Because of Wolfgang perfect preparation after he collected it, I only had to shorten one big root! This proves just how important proper techniques are! Even in these early stages of a future Bonsai!

Bellow: For now, I planted “Wolfie” in  to a shallow round pot. I tilted him more to the left, revealing the beautiful roots base on the right side. With the help of a chopstick the soil mixture is carefully worked into between the roots. Making sure that no air pockets remain.

Below: This is how “Wolfie” looks after it’s first repotting is completed. For now I will leave it as it is, so that it can recover safely. In the next repotting “Wolfie” will be tilted even more to the left, so that the right side of the root base will make the total root base look even more wide and massive!

Below: This is a virtual of how I imagine the foliage to look at the end of this season.




October 2008:

“Wolfie” had suffered no ill effects from it’s earlier first repotting into it’s present  temporary pot  and there was plenty of new growth! So it would be safe to preform it’s second big styling!

Below: Front side before work started.

Below: Left side before work started.


Below: back side before work started.

Below: Left side before work started.

Below: Top view before work started.

 Below: The first hanging branch on the left was week and showed signs of needle cast. So it had to be removed!

Bellow: Here the branch is cut off. After this the cutter was cleaned with alcohol to prevent further spreading! Because this part of that branch had always been a bid weaker than the rest, I had saved (left of the cutter) a  spare branch during it’s first styling in 2005. So now I could easily replace the cut off branch with that extra branch!

 Below: When all old needles were plucked off and all wire, tape and raffia was removed, I started to apply bandage covered with tape to the first branch on the left.

Below: All the bandage was than covered tightly with tape.

Below: Than the hole branch was wired.

Below: After a second wire was applied, I started to bend the branch into position.

Below: The (new) first branch on the left is in place. Now I had to wire the rest of the tree and than bring the branches and foliage into place.

Below: Half way trough the styling.

Below: The end result of this styling. For now I am satisfied with the result. When the tree is repotted and tilted even more to the left side, it will be restyled all over again to fit it new position. But that is for later!

Below: 30-04-2009. This is how “Wolfie” looked covered with new candles. Although his appearance will change a lot in the near future, it is still a pleasure to look at it at this stage! I cant wait to start the next restyling!