Hello Bonsai World!

Hi everybody and welcome to my new website!!!

I am, as a complete novice, building this new website from scratch and that is for me not that easy as it sounds! My old website was outdated and malfunctioning on many fronts! To make matters even worse was that Google decided that my old website probably was infected and sad so , in big founds, right underneath their link to my website when you Googled my name or websites name! And no matter how many updates I made on my website, the old warning staid as it was, even though no hack or anything like that was found by people who helpt me and  knew what they were doing?! So it was time to build me a new website that works and is up to date!!! But that was and is easier said than done in my case! My provider had, without me knowing it, deleted my old website when they made the new hosting for my new website?! I was not well during that time and had not noticed this at all during that time?! Luckily after I finally did notice it hat gone missing, they managed to retrieve most of it! But sadly a lot of pictures were missing from my stories! This meant that I now have to go through thousand of pictures that are scattered over my old PC, two old external hard disks and boxes full of paper pictures to retrieve the right once….sigh!!! But on the bright side, that gives me the chance to improve them all for better viewing! Another thing that makes the progress slow is that I bought a new PC on which I cant open my old website…I just don’t know how to do this?! So this means that I have to mail all my pictures and text from the old PC to the new one, and that is a very slow and time consuming process! So now I have two PC’s, two keyboards, two large monitors and a enormous printer on my kitchen table and a sore neck from hanging to left and right all the time!!! 🙂 Any way, it is still is a work in progress and will take me a while! It also looks still very messy, but that will be my next job after all stories are transferred to this new website! There is so much to try out and still to learn for me before all is don! And only than it will be time to post the follow up of the old and the new stories of my Bonsai!!! SO WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Ilex verticillata (winterberry) urban Yamadori Holland.

November 2016: here is a (Still a bit to young looking) Winter image of my Ilex verticillata (winterberry.) This is a Urban Yamadori  from Holland and some 60 years old by now. It’s a Kabudachi  (multiple 5 trunk) and the height is 57cm.  It is here photoshopped into  it’s future (next year?) Isabella pot. And it is in training since 2009.


Hans van Meer.